Collection in Chicago, and the State House in Lagos, Nigeria. His work is also in the collections of many private individuals in the North America, Europe, and Nigeria. He does not create “art for art’s sake.” Rather, he is committed to “art with a purpose:” the use of art to reach across cultural differences, raise awareness among his own people and the international community about both the potential and the challenges facing Africa and the world.

Tunde has always been deeply committed to expanding opportunities for other artists. He co-founded the Toki Memorial Arts Centre in Ibadan, where he served as artistic director for 14 years. This center became a major force in discovering and nurturing artists who have gone on to successful international careers. He founded the International Campaign for Better Arts and Cultural Awareness (ICBACA), a non-profit organization dedicated to using art to bridge gaps between cultures around the globe. He founded its sister organization, a for-profit gallery and artist representation services, the International Center for Better Arts and Cultural Arcade (ICBACA Ltd) and the Tunde Odunlade Artist Cooperative Gallery in Ibadan.

In addition, Tunde has devoted considerable energy toward improving conditions in Nigeria. In 1999 he founded the Nigerian Artists for a Nation Anew (NAFANA), whose mission is to encourage Nigerian artists to use their talents to help their country overcome the corruption and poverty that has plagued it for decades. Through NAFANA Tunde curated a major exhibition entitled “Artists and Nation-Building: Nigeria at 39.” In 2001 he was commissioned by the Nigerian Debt Management Office (DMO) to curate a show as part of their International Conference on Sustainable Debt and Development Strategy. For the exhibition, “Together, We Rebuild a Nation,” artists were asked to depict both their dreams for their country and the ways in which oppressive external debt is hampering their realization. Tunde also serves as an executive with the Association of Nigerians Against Corruption (ANAC).

Most recently, Tunde has appeared several times before members of the US Congress to raise awareness of the importance of art in healing the effects of terrorism, corruption, poverty - and the wounds they inflict.

D.C. Ron holds B.A. and J.D. degrees from Boston College.

ICEHA's remarkable volunteers are the backbone of our organization!

For more information please contact us at

President: Ron LeGrand, JD                                                      

Mr. LeGrand currently serves as Vice-President for Public Policy, National Network to End Domestic Violence. He previously served as Senior Counsel to the  House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.  He is a devoted community activist and an avid member of several community-based and fraternal organizations, including Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the 100 Black Men of America. Ron serves on several boards, including the Dimock Community Health Center in Boston, the Bethune DuBois Fund, the American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform, and the International Coalition for the Eradication of Hunger and Abuse. He is also listed in the Inaugural Edition (2009) of Who's Who in Black Washington,  

Legal Counsel, Nigeria: Taofeeq Salman MCIArb (UK), LL.M, LL.B

Mr. Salman is a Founding Member of ICEHA Nigeria, and a member of the Executive Board. He is a qualified Barrister and has worked with law firms and organizations both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.  Mr. Salman also has also garnered significant experience in Non-Profit work with different organizations such as I-SEE Foundation, and MOR Foundation. Mr. Salman oversees our field operations in Nigeria.

Prior to joining ICEHA she served as Counsel with the US Congress focusing on education, human rights, civil rights,  and immigration. She has also worked with the Washington  State Attorney General representing the Department of Social  and Health Services in cases regarding abused and neglected children. Ms. Ronis is co-author of the U-VISA Toolkit for APS Workers, and has provided pro-bono representation to asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors with KIND (Kids In Need of Defense). Ms. Ronis is a veteran of the US Air Force and recent (stage 4) cancer survivor.  

Founder & Executive Director: Carolyn Ronis, JD, LL.M

 Ms. Ronis has significant professional experience in the areas of education, animal welfare, civil rights, human rights, immigration, politics, legislation, and the law.  She is creator of Healing Through Art, a program to help children and adults   with PTSD in war torn  and poverty stricken areas.  She is also creator of The Global Classroom Initiative, an educational program linking children and  educators around the world. Ms. Ronis serves on the Executive Counsel of Asafotse Buama Foundation, Ghana and on the Board of  Directors for E-Gap, Kenya. 

Vice President/Ambassador for Cultural Affairs, Tunde Odunlade

Tunde Odunlade is a print and textile artist who has exhibited, taught, lectured, studied and traveled extensively throughout the               world. In addition, he has performed as an actor with the Nigerian National Troop and various other theatrical organizations, and has           recorded several CDs that integrate poetry and music.  His work is in the collections of institutions including the Smithsonian Museum of African Art and the World Bank Headquarters in  Washington, D.C., the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the MacArthur Foundation                                                        

  Director of Field Operations, Ghana: Justice Asamoa

  Before Joining ICEHA, Mr. Asamoah was Executive Director of   Hope of Next Generation Youth Force (NGYF), an NGO focused on helping  

  impoverished youth in Ghana. Justice has coordinated international exchange programs bringing teachers from around the word to teach in

  Ghana. Justice has spent  many years mentoring and helping impoverished youth and empowering their parents.  Justice heads up our RITTP,  

  and Empowerment programs.

Vice President for livestock sustainability: Dr. Brenda Godlewski, DVM

Dr. Godlewski owns her own vet practice in Lansdowne, VA. Brenda previously worked with the Centers for Disease Control on rabies eradication, and studying foreign animal diseases.  She also studied the prevalence and socio-economic impact of brucellosis in goats in Uganda.  Brenda serves as adviser for ICEHA programs which include animals, such as humane education and entrepreneurship.