Whether it's by providing scholarships to attend college or trade schools, providing sewing machines, teaching accounting or computer technology, training seamstresses, or funding micro-loans, every ICEHA solution is based upon a deep understanding of the person, the situation, and the local needs.

We provide on-going support and mentoring to make their successes achievable and sustainable.The mission of our empowerment program is to promote self employment, literacy levels, healthy living, and community engagement for those who are in disadvantaged positions due to terror abuses, poverty, homelessness, or hunger.

Our goal is to improve lives and redefine humanitarian support through our locally tailored, sustainable, preventive approach. Our empowerment programs are a hand up - not a hand out.  In addition to providing financial resources, we provide mentoring, financial management counseling, technical training, scholarships, tools of the trade, livestock, and entrepreneurship education to help individuals create sustainable businesses and effectively manage their resources. 

At ICEHA we believe that every human being has the right to human dignity.